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FAQ and Ts & Cs

Race fairings Terms and Conditions

  • Fairings may take up to 12 weeks to arrive
  • Fairings may have scratches, paint chips or minor cracks from transport, which you agree are to be expected
  • Fairngs may be slightly or very differently coloured to the original design brief
  • Paint colours will not be accurately colour matched to your design

Race fairings FAQ

Where are your fairings made?

Our factory is in China.  We could never afford to provide such great rates on complicated and high quality paintwork locally.  Painting a single, plain colour only in Sydney is usually more than the cost of our multiple colours, stickers, and clear coated custom designs profided in China.  Paint design, support and advice is provided from Sydney, Australia.

We have been developing our product and providing fairings for more than 7 years, and we have many, many happy customers.  Have a look at some of our work here: Customer Bikes (gallery)

Many goods these days are made in China.  As with anything, there are good and bad products available, and being 'made in China' does not automatically mean 'poor quality' (eg your iPhone is made in China).  But all brands and products are not the same, and there are some pretty poor quality suppliers in China too.  We've been working on our fairing manufacturing process for many years, and are much better than most fairings from China (and some available locally too).

How long will my painted fairing take?

Anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks, or possibly even longer.  The time taken to paint fairings is affected by the weather, how busy the paint factory is, and other factors such as runs or cracks in the paint requiring a redo.  All going well, fairings are in your hands in 6-8 weeks from order.  However, sometimes delays are unavoidable, so please don't book a track day or enter a race meet if you are relying on your new Superbike Source fairings to arrive.

What does the design process entail?

We generally ask you to find a design you like the look of using google images, and then we make minor tweaks to it in Photoshop based on your requests.  Once finalised, we prepare several different angles to be used by the painters as a design guide.  You approve the design briefs before the fairings go to paint.

Do you colour match my rims/the OEM colours/my dog's fur?

Definitely not!!  All our designs are painted based on a visual match to a computer design.  It might be close to your desired colour, or it might be quite different.  In all cases, the design will look great, and the paintwork will be good quality, but it will almost certainly not match your helmet design or whatever.  We can't do fluoro colours all that well, and we don't colour match or accept pantone codes.

I'm paying a really really cheap price; but I can still expect absolute perfection, right?

These are race fairings, for track and race bikes, not show-and-shine competitors.  A consequence of being located in China is that there is a lot of travelling to get your fairings to country Victoria, or the Northern Territory, or Tasmania, or even metro Sydney.  In the process, there may be chips or minor cracks in the paintwork.  These are NOT a warranty issue, but are to be expected.  They should be able to be touched up with a Sharpie pen, or a texta (raid your kid's school supplies), or touch-up paint from Supercheap.  Of course, if a fairing piece or panel is really badly broken, we will replace it free of charge.

A set of custom designed, fully painted in multiple colours using 2k (2-pack) paint, and lots of stickers, and then all clear-coated over, made here in Syney would cost around $2k for the paintwork alone.  The fairings would be another $1k+.  For about the price of an unpainted set of fairings sourced locally, we provide a custom design and painted set, including a screen, heatshield, and all fasteners.  Occasionally that means some small chips or minor cracks are present, but these are RACE fairings and we usually find we do more accidental damage fitting the fairings than the minor chips we spot and get upset about when we first open the box ;)

Are your Dsuz fasteners good quality, or cheap and nasty?

Our Superbike Source philosophy is that we won't sell what we don't use ourselves on our racebikes, so we pay a fortune to buy top-quality Dzus fasteners and wellnuts (the windscreen mounting bolts) from KurveyGirl in the USA.  These are shipped separately to your fairings, from Sydney, and hopefully arrive before your fairing does.  If not, please call or email our office asap, and we will get them out to you overnight.

It would be waaaaay cheaper for us to supply fasteners from China with the fairings, but the quality just isn't acceptable to us.

Are your fairings pre-drilled?

No, although mostly our fairings use OEM mounting points which are clearly obvious (eg a sunken hole, just like the OEM fairings), so drilling mounting holes is usually very easy.  Drilling and mounting the riveted brackets for the Dzus fasteners is ideally a two-person job - one to hold the upper and lower fairings together in position, and the other to drill the holes.  Mounting fairings is not overly difficult, but it is time-consuming.  We've been doing it for years and years, but it still takes us 3 or 4 hours to do a proper, careful job.